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MB Interiors assists collectors to create the most appropriate artwork based on the client's goals and objectives.

Working with Kirsten Reynolds of Kirsten Reynolds Photography - each project we work on  is 100 percent tailored to the clients needs and aesthetics.    The art work is created as a compliment to the interiors or as the spaces focal point - directing ones design and color plan.

MBW and KR work successively on behalf of our clients to obtain/create the perfect personalized piece for their space. 


 I love working with Kirsten.  We have similar tastes to start with, as we both like clean lines and appreciate design that is luxurious and also comfortable. Each project I have done with Kirsten, I am amazed how she is able to capture the unexpected and contradictory.  Her pieces are exquisite, sensitive observations of the ordinary. 

Together, our work compliments each other, bringing a special element of a beautiful personalized piece of art into one's space.


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